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Thought for the Day - April 14, 2020

“Suddenly from heaven” (Acts 2:2a).

When Fed Ex or UPS delivers packages to our door, we look to see who sent it. For phone calls we check the caller ID if we can. When strange, miraculous or supernatural, or just plain weird, things happen we want to know why. The Scribes accused Jesus of casting out demons by the power of Beelzebul (one of the names for the Devil). Acts tells us that whatever is going to happen, it is coming from God. It is from heaven, a gift from God. What is happening is God keeping one of God’s promises. (Jesus gives His disciples the Holy Spirit but God does not breathe the Holy Spirit on us just once—God continues to breathe the Holy Spirit on us).

The power at work in and through us is a gift from God. It is not something of our own creation, nor is it from our imagination. The Holy Spirit is God’s gift to us, and the Spirit is to bring God glory to touch the lives of others through us.

Almighty God, , we thank you for your gift of the Spirit and ask that this gift may flow through us to accomplish your will through us. Amen.

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