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Church Council

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

2022 Council Members



Bonnie Engen-President

TruDee Torgerson - Vice President

Pam Bagaason-Secretary

Verena Pletschett–Treasurer

Paul Ehlers

Jim Aakre

Steve Wraa

Mike Nordlund

Sarah Goudge

Tracy Imle

Nicole Larson

Heidi Johnson

Good Shepherd Congregational Council Purpose Statements:

We will...

  1. Share the Word of God and God's grace.

  2. Everyone who walks through the doors of Good Shepherd should feel like they belong here.

  3. Work together to be responsible financial and spiritual stewards.

  4. Be supportive of others' needs both in and outside the church.

  5. Encourage people to find, use, and share their talents.

  6. Be user-friendly, communicating what we do, how, and why we do it.

  7. Encourage people to donate to the church.

  8. Be a child and youth friendly church, finding ways to engage and encourage our youth and children in church activities.

Cemetery Committee

Steve Wraa*

Mike Nordlund*

Paul Ehlers

Kelly Nordlund

Darrell Engebretson

Ross Faldet

Brad Borene

Tom Anderson

William Stoller

John Sandland


Property Committee

Jim Aakre*   

Paul Ehlers* 

Russell Lembke

Jeff Basinger

Steven Marsh

Mission Outreach

Bonnie Engen*

Pam Bagaason*

Wendy Basinger

Vicki Hanson

Youth Committee   

Sarah Goudge*

Verena Pletschett*   

Worship Committee

  Heidi Johnson*  

TruDee Torgerson*

Bonnie Borene 

Sue Sims

Donna Rae Jacobson


Education Committee

Nicole Larson* 

Tracy Imle* 

Including all on the Sunday School Team

*Indicates Council Member Representative serving on that committee

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