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Daily Thought - Tuesday, March 24th

17  When Jesus got to Bethany, he found that Lazarus had already been in the tomb

four days.  18  Bethany was only about two miles from Jerusalem,  19  and many people

had come from the city to comfort Martha and Mary because their brother had died

Our Gospel for March 29 is John 11:1-45 but for today I will focus on verses 17-19 ( I have provided the verses)

These daily readings will sometimes be part devotional (the aim is to soften the heart—to create an “aw” moment) and in part something to fill our heads with information/knowledge (the aim being to use the information to soften our hearts): These daily readings also will reflect part of the process I use to write a sermon:

The four days:

One day for the messenger to travel and tell Jesus about Lazarus. Two days of waiting. One day for Jesus and the disciples to travel to Lazarus.

There was a tradition that one's soul hovered near the body for three days. After that time, there was no hope of resurrection. The presence of many Jews (v. 19) will become

witnesses to the miracle and then believe in Jesus (v. 45), which scare the chief priests

and the Pharisees into the decision to kill Jesus in order to save the nation (vv. 48-

52). Without embalming technology, bodies were buried on the day of death and the

mourning followed the burial. The main point is that Lazarus is dead and yet Jesus

will raise the dead person from life. Jews believed that God, and only God can give

life to the dead.

A simple question - have we ever been dead because we have lost our

connection to God but then been brought back to life?

- Pastor Bob

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