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Easter Celebrations and Tools for Families

Hello...following are some links to Easter resources for families to utilize during Holy Week and Easter. From lego challenges to resurrection cookies. Hope you enjoy! Please send pictures of your family participating and we can share with the congregation.

A Lego Journey through Holy Week

Inspired by the an online resource, we embarked on the Easter Story Lego Challenge. The process is simple: for each day of Holy Week, we read a Scripture passage, and then built a Lego creation to portray the gospel story.

Resurrection Eggs for Toddlers

With just 6 eggs, a simple story-telling sentence for each, and easy peasy items to go inside, the Resurrection Eggs for Toddlers are so doable!

Resurrection Eggs for Older Kids

Amazon sells the pre-made sets of Resurrection Eggs; however, I am willing to bet you have almost everything you need to make your own set of Resurrection Eggs!

Jesus Storybook Coloring Pages and more...

Empty Tomb Rolls

A hands-on activity that demonstrates the Easter story of the empty tomb in a unique, visual way.

Easter Resurrection Cookies

Making these Easter Story Cookies on the eve of Easter is a wonderful way to gather the family together and remember the reason we celebrate Easter.

The cookies are simple to make with only a few ingredients. Make them as a family and read the Bible verses that go along with the ingredients and Easter story of the resurrection. Get out your Bible and open up those scriptures!

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