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Thought for the Day - April 15, 2020

“The sound like the rush of a violent wind” (Acts 2:2b).

We cannot see it. We cannot feel it when it does not move. But it is alive. And through its living it changes, shapes, and molds life around it. It has shaped solid stone. It pushes ships from port to port and lifts kites high up into the air. Wind farms harvest its energy to power cities and landscapes. A mean wind can flatten and destroy buildings, uproot trees and toss cars around like dice. In Hebrew, In Greek, the word for “breath of God” is the same as the word for wind. This wind, this breath, was part of God’s creation. It was used to create the cosmos. God breathed God’s wind into the nostrils of Adam to make him alive. God’s wind, God’s breath, inspired the prophets, descended upon Jesus at the time of his baptism, flowed through him during Jesus’ ministry and raised him from the dead.

God breathed on the disciples—God created a wind on them. And on us—God’s breathes. Not a cooling, comforting breeze, but a powerful, creative force. One that shapes the world around us, one that forms the life within us. One that gives us life itself. It is not for our pleasure. It is not our accomplishment. It gives us what we need to do what needs to get done. It is what we need to do great things in God’s Name. Like care for a child, watch out for each other, and be strong in the face of adversity.

Almighty God, breathe life into us so we may live in You, for each other, and love all in your name. Amen.

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