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Thought for the Day - April 16, 2020

“It filled the entire house” (Acts 2:2c).

Around here, sometimes we judge a restaurant by how much food we get more than how good it is. We might enjoy the food at a fancy, expensive place but feel cheated at receiving only a few ounces of meat and three spears of asparagus. A small scoop of gelato might lose its appeal when we remember that for the same amount of money we could get a mounded dish of frozen custard/ice cream someplace else.

The Lord does not scrimp on God’s gift of the Holy Spirit. God filled the room, and then the house where the disciples with the Holy Spirit. God fills our hearts with the Holy Spirit but then God goes to fill our entire lives with the Spirit. We are never cheated by God. We never have a reason to say “If only we had more of the Holy Spirit.”

Almighty God, may we never complain about not having something Help us to be amazed, thankful, and aware of the abundance of your gifts in our lives. Amen.

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