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Thought for the Day - April 17, 2020

“A tongue [of fire] rested on each one of them” (Acts 2:3).

Here, we have a picture of the disciples looking like human Bic lighters with flames. Like natural flickering flames in a strong wind, these heaven sent flames evidently these heaven sent flames did not last long in the Holy Spirit Wind because the crowds of people do not see the flames of fire when they talk about the disciples being drunk as at 9:00 in the morning.

The Lord, who has no image, often is described as appearing to humans in the form of fire. Just as God revealed himself to Moses on the side of Mount Sinai as a bush that burns without burning it up, God appears to the disciples here as a flame of fire that does not burn the disciples up. Natural fires cannot be controlled or contained. Neither can God. Fires do not have shapes or anything solid to them. Fires are not liquid or a gas. Yet fires exist. Hmm, something that exists but does not easily fit any of our ways of thinking about things that exist-can you see why fire is a good way to describe God?

The disciples had the power of the Holy Spirit (the strong wind), the attendance of God the Father(the fire) and the Word of God (their memories of Christ Jesus). The disciples were not alone as they began to continue the ministry of Jesus and accomplish their mission. We are not alone either as we take steps of faith to boldly, lovingly proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and share God’s love and grace.

Almighty God, go before us to lead us. Walk beside us to encourage and comfort us. Walk behind us to protect us as we carry out your will. Amen.

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