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Thought for the week...

Thought for the week of March 1-8:  Nicodemus comes to Jesus asking him questions, but he does not understand the answers Jesus gives him. Lawyers are told never to ask a question of a witness without knowing what the answer will be ahead of time, therapists are told never to ask a question unless you know how to respond to the answer your client gives you…The church has sometimes said there are no questions only answers (based on the idea that trust in Jesus eliminates the need for questions!) More and more people are getting the idea that Christianity is not just about having the right answers to the certain key questions.  One of the things it is about discovering the “peace that passes all understanding will guard/keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus…” (Philippians 4)  The peace that Jesus promises us, is a signature of being a Christian.  Sometimes the amount of peace in our lives can be an indication of how we are doing with the Lord. Lack of peace might be a warning light. Tired of chasing down “the answers to life?” Encouraging habits that allow us to experience peace might be way of replacing the fear of not knowing everything/or even some of the right answers will simply allow God to lead us beside still waters…

- Pastor Bob

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