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Thought for the week...

March 15th: This week’s lesson focuses on Jesus talking to a Samaritan woman which violated three different social boundaries of the day---she was not respected as a Jew, She was a woman, and it appears she was a social outcast. A true story from our country over fifty years ago-during the sixties-Sidney Pottier was the prominent African-American star (think bigger than Denzel Washington) and he was staying at one of the casinos in Las Vegas and while the casino did not like him staying there—what could they do? He was that BIG of a star. He took a swim in their pool. After he left, the management drained the pool, and bleached out the empty pool. (this was told to me by the friend of the manager who made the decision to drain the pool---he did not “mean anything by it” but he did not want to lose his white customers.)

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