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Thought of the Day - 4/26/20

“They were filled with wonder and amazement at what happened to him” (Acts 3:10).

A young husband, wife and three children were members of a small congregation where seventy people worshiped on any given Sunday. A shock ran through the entire congregation when the husband was diagnosed with brain cancer. His prognosis was not good. The other members of the congregation rallied around the family. They provided childcare and tutoring, chauffeur service to and from treatments and doctors appointments, emotional support and lots and lots of food. Through bake sales, car washes, auctions and individual donations the small congregation raised over fifteen thousand dollars to help with medical bills. Friends, neighbors and co-workers of the family along with community residents were “filled with wonder and amazement” at the love of the congregation and what God was doing through them.

It is easy to think that people are only impressed with great miracles, but this is not true. People can be filled with wonder and amazement at simple acts of love. The Holy Spirit moves in many ways to meet the needs of people and to create the gift of faith in them.

Wonderful Lord, may people see you in our words and actions and may you draw them to yourself. Amen.

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