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Thoughts from Pastor Bob:

We get ready for Holy Week. A combination of many feelings as the authorities were afraid/nervous while the followers of Jesus were getting ready to celebrate the Passover—something they did every year but this year God surprises them. Do you think God can surprise you?

Christians celebrate Jesus entering Jerusalem with great joy and fanfare. Jerusalem, being the great city it was, may not have even noticed that He came in. Have you ever missed Jesus working your life and have had people pointed it out to you? Or have we lost that for each other?

Christ enters Jerusalem and He is seen as type of King by his followers. Every age has someone who claims to be “the one,” why do you remember Jesus?

Matthew has Jesus doing many things which irritate the religious authorities which explain their desire to kill him. When you think of Jesus getting killed do you think more often of “your sins” as rather than how much Christ challenges the way the world, those in power, we do things?

Right before Jesus enters Jerusalem he heals two blind man alongside the road, have you ever thought of Jesus’ parade as an opening of the blind? (Matt. ch. 20)

Right before Jesus healing the blind people, the Sons of Zebedee ask Jesus to sit at the place of honor (Matt. 20) Have you ever been in a room where someone has had to do all the talking? How is that related to grabbing the place of honor?

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